Green Ninja

Given what was initially learned from the university course, Professor Cordero together with educators and scientists started Green Ninja, an educational initiative that creates compelling educational experiences that help youth see how science can be used to help create a more sustainable planet. Green Ninja started in 2010 by creating humorous films about solutions to environmental problems, but later expanded to creating games and . other formal learning experience for middle school science classrooms as seen in the film. Today, Green Ninja has created a three year science curriculum that has been formally recognized by the California Department of Education as an approved science provider for the state.

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Green Ninja films use humor and different styles of media (animation, live action, puppets, music) to showcase actions that reduce carbon emissions and help students a cleaner and healthier environment.

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Energy and Climate Lessons

Through support from public and private sectors organizations, Green Ninja created educational materials including games for science classrooms focused on energy and climate topics that are aligned with the science standards.


Middle School Science

Green Ninja’s middle school science curriculum is currently being piloted by school districts throughout California with the goal of helping students become environmental stewards through science knowledge.