Since the film, here are updates from some of the featured university alumni.



Since the documentary was shot, Wil continued to campaign for the City of Cupertino’s school board seat.  Although he was not successful, he did earn the trust of 13,741 constituents, and more importantly, a passion for policymaking. Now with a campaign under his belt and a good taste for politics, Wil is applying for the appointment to the vacated 5th seat on the school board and will run again in 2020 regardless of the outcome on January  31st. 

Kristen Wonder_SJSU.jpg


Kristen continues to encourage faculty, staff and faculty towards more sustainable actions and policies. Since the film, Kristen has been promoted to Campus Sustainability Coordinator and was instrumental in creating the campus Sustainability Office. Although Kristen loves the university environment, she’s started looking more closely at larger corporate opportunities as a way to help further scale her sustainability ambitions.